Our Story

MeOhr Ventures is a venture capital fund focused on catalyzing world changing cures for globally significant, high-mortality diseases. MeOhr will deploy its investment resources into a high conviction, concentrated portfolio of early stage biotech opportunities. The vehicle will operate with a single objective: CURING disease. Opportunities will be sourced from ultra-high potential life-science inventors and researchers.

If you are a life-science researcher, medical professional or startup CEO, we want to hear your story and learn about what you're working on.


There’s no such thing as approaching us too early. In fact, the earlier we come on board, the better.


Our Investors

Our investors are legacy oriented investors who do not shy away from taking on huge challenges. Investors who are focused on KPI’s that don’t conform only to traditional risk & return metrics but also demand high impact outcomes measured by the improvement of the human race as a whole, in some manner or other.

Our investors are people and organizations with significant capital reserves already earmarked for legacy objectives designed to make a mark on human history, in the future.

Our investors are sophisticated, patient, dreamers who believe that with the application of the right combination of human capital and investment capital, there is nothing too big to take on and nothing too remote to achieve. 

Our investors are content to forego harvesting investment gains for the sake of immediately reinvesting those gains in the continued pursuit of the ultimate goal of the investment capital: CURES



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